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ChromaMUDRA (Adho Merhudanda)


Mudra: Adho Merhudanda Mudra - Gesture of the Base of the Spine

Core Quality: Centering

Especially Helpful For:  Instilling a sense of centering, Enhancing emotional equanimity

Affirmation: With a deep sense of center, I experience perfect equanimity.  



Veteran yogi Salvador Martinez brings a consideration and conversation of mudras into the chromaClasses at Modrn Sanctuary. Mudras are symbolic gestures expressed through the hands, face, and body.

This class will use hand gestures as vehicles to conduct life energy through the body while exploring an important facet of Yoga philosophy, the seven chakras. The word chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning "wheel", for chakras are seen as spinning wheels of light, color, and energy along the spinal column.

Modrn Sanctuary's offering chromaMUDRAS program will address the balancing of one's chakras with the use of hand mudras in postures and breath-centered movements and with LED color changing salt walls that correspond to specific hand mudras and heated salt floors that release negative ions.

Class size will be no more than 5-6 participants.

Experience all 7, or come to saturate yourself in the color and mudra you need to bring about change.

Earlier Event: March 21
Later Event: March 22