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ChromaCRYSTAL: Sodalite (Third Eye)


This is the sixth chakra, located centrally at the forehead above the eyebrows, and rules over vision, intuition, insight, intellect and clarity. The physical counterparts are the eyes, ears, head, and brain stem.  Symptoms of imbalance: Astronaut personality, spacey, too logical or too abstract, too many thoughts at once, migraines, forgetfulness, inability to remember dreams, inability to meditate, visualize or connect with inner guidance on the higher levels, poor eyesight, tension, inability to concentrate or stay focused.


Indigo is cool and calming, inspiring mental clarity and inner peace. It gives us a sense of security and has been shown to lower blood pressure by calming the autonomic nervous system. Indigo links with and stimulates the brow chakra (third eye) and controls the pineal gland. It governs both physical and spiritual perception. It can be of great assistance in dealing with ailments of the eyes and ears. Shades of indigo/deep purple help with addictive behaviors and bring spiritual insights and renewal. These colors slow down an overactive heart; stimulate the spleen and the white blood cells (immunity). Bring sleep. Soothe mental and emotional stress.


Physical:  Sodalite is reputed to reduce inflammation in the body for conditions such as fever, headaches, sinus infections, and muscle strains.   

Mental/Emotional: Sodalite is known as the stone of logic and truth, enabling the conscious and subconscious mind to connect with one’s thoughts and feelings, and helps one to recognize and verbalize those feelings and truths objectively. 

Spiritual:  An extraordinary stone uniting logic with intuition, encouraging spirituality and deep thinking. It is highly effective as a guide on inner travels through meditation or dream work It also assists with activating psychic abilities and supports divination work. 


ChromaCRYSTAL is a semi-private 50-minute class hosted in our luxury Himalayan salt room! You will experience the rejuvenating powers of Color Therapy & Crystal Reiki energy work while immersed in the energy of 200 million year old crystallized salt.

This 7 week program will address balancing the 7 Chakras through LED color therapy, color visualization meditations, crystal reiki healing, and the calming effect of negative ions released as the salt floors are heated.

You will learn about a specific crystal during each class and even get to take home the stone used on you for your targeted healing in that session! You will leave feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and in optimal balance.

Experience all 7, or come saturate yourself in the color and crystal energy that you need to bring about change.

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