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It is with great pleasure that Modrn Sanctuary would like to invite you to host a class/workshop in our approximately 200 SF Himalayan salt room. Our beautiful salt room has color changing salt walls, granulated heated salt floors, large fireplace feature, hanging Moroccan lanterns, and a variety of seating options including:

  • 3 large nest Papasan chairs
  • 5 zero gravity chairs
  • 6 yoga mats
  • 8 back jack chairs

**Please note that there are restrictions on the maximum number of people that can use the salt room at once**

Due to the size of our space and the number of bathrooms, all classes will be allowed a maximum of 9 participants and 1 host. However, please note that while this is the maximum, the room may be limited to a smaller number depending on the type of layout and seating you are electing.

While Modrn Sanctuary will list your class on the Modrn Salt class schedule page, all practitioners will be responsible for marketing their classes, finding participants, and taking payment.

All classes must be paid for at time of booking. Cancellation within 48-hours of your scheduled time will result in payment in full for the room.

Prior to the class a Salt Room Rental Agreement must be filled out by you the practitioner. In addition, prior to entering the Modrn Salt room ALL participants MUST fill out our Salt Room Intake Form, which will be available prior to the class on ipads or online.

Practitioners will be allowed to choose from a variety of options to customize their class including:

·      color of the walls

·      option to have salt blowing through the room (Halo-Therapy)**                  

** please note that if you elect to use halotherapy in your class, once the door is closed, opening the door will release salt into the waiting room. Therefore, any late comers to the class will not be allowed in.

·      Heated floor turned on or off

·      Music playing in the room

Class times end promptly at 5 minutes to the hour. So please make sure to be on time!

Additional rules and regulations may apply, but can be reviewed in our Rental Agreement and Modrn Sanctuary & Modrn Salt reserve the right to decline any and all class requests at their discretion.